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Fountain of Youth Medical: What is the main reason why men seek Botox®?

Lynne and Tim: Men typically choose Botox® to prevent wrinkles from forming, especially noticing lines on their forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes, which can give an unintended ‘unapproachable’ or ‘mean’ appearance. Brotox softens these areas, offering a more inviting look and long-term wrinkle prevention.

Fountain of Youth Medical: Cosmetic procedures were once seen as primarily for women. Do you think there’s still a stigma in 2024 around men getting cosmetic treatments?

Lynne and Tim: Not anymore! With the influence of social media, celebrities, and influencers openly embracing preventive treatments like Botox®, peels, and skincare, men of all ages now seek to maintain a youthful appearance without looking drastically different. They prefer subtle, natural enhancements that preserve their youthful features

Fountain of Youth Medical: How do you foresee the relationship between men and self-care evolving in the future?

Lynne and Tim: The market for male grooming and self-care is rapidly expanding, encompassing makeup lines, specialized skincare, body treatments, and supplements tailored to men’s preferences and needs.

Fountain of Youth Medical: Could you share a notable experience with a Brotox patient?

Lynne and Tim: Many of our patients use Botox® in standard areas like the forehead, glabella, eyebrows, and crow’s feet to reduce wrinkles. Some also opt for Botox® to minimize sweating in areas like the armpits, hands, feet, genitals, and buttocks. In a place like West Hollywood, we even have patients interested in Scrotox to reduce scrotal sweating and enhance appearance, as well as anal botox procedures.

Happy Father’s Day 2024 men.  Make your appointment today.